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Why Didn’t Jesus Write His Teachings Down Himself?

Why didn’t Jesus write something for us to carry on after His death? Think about it… If Sola Scriptura is to be accepted as truth, you would have to why Jesus didn’t write down His teachings Himself so that we could read His words and adhere to them as the rightful operation of the Church.

Obviously, He did not do this. Why?

He trained disciples with His teachings, empowered them with His authority in life, and then post mortem so to speak, sent the Holy Spirit to teach and guide them when He was no longer with them. That being said, it seems obvious to me that His plan was to give the now Apostles the Holy Spirit to lead and guide them, and establish His Church.

What does that even mean when you think about it?

For if Jesus’ plan was to go this route, He must have known that it would also assume, to some degree, His divine will with human intervention in order to function until the end of this era. Giving all authority to His apostles to bind and loose, Jesus relied on the Holy Spirit to work in and through the Church established by the authority of His apostles, to achieve the ends which He willed.

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