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Is it enough

If there are teachings in the Catholic Church that I believe are possibly the truth, but not necessarily the truth, is it okay to leave it at I believe in, trust and accept the authority of the Church?

In particular I am referencing the Catholic Church’s teaching on Mary. I know, I know, you’ve heard this a million times before from Protestants joining the Catholic Church, but I do know enough about some of the particulars regarding what is taught in the Catechism (I’m in RCIA and have the book the United States Catechism for Adults), that these beliefs didn’t develop until the 4th century and weren’t more strenuously emphasized until the 1800s. I am not impacted at all by Reformist or Protestant beliefs on this topic, my reservations about what was believed, when and by whom that would give credence to claims of the perpetual virginity of Mary and her ascending into heaven without experiencing death.

I know this might be controversial topic, but it really is the only sticking point I have with what could be a problem when I am confirmed, and I’d rather work this out now than ignore it or even worse, to be less than truthful about what I believe.

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