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Detached from the chaos

I gave up social media a while ago, mostly because I didn’t like what Facebook was doing with regard to trying to drive people away from some content, and towards other content that they wanted to have greater exposure. It wasn’t difficult at all as I never was into the knock knock joke atmosphere and kitten photos aspect of it.

For Lent I decided to give up news and politics, and after making the adjustment of what to do with the time I would usually spend scrolling the same stories told over and over again in an almost hysterical fashion, I found myself spending more time on my faith and started to get a growing sense of peace.

A little over a week later and I am past the DTs of the daily gaslighting by the shills of politics, and the sense of chaos and angst I had just a short while ago is all but. I don’t care what is going on politically; I voted and that’s I could do about that anyway, so now it’s time for me to focus on more important things that I can control in my life.

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